Friday, April 29, 2011

Moving House

It all started with an ominous phone call a couple months ago from the real estate agents.  The owners wanted to get the the property appraised.  A few weeks later my fears were confirmed when I got another call saying that my apartment was being put up for private sale.  Despite my hopes that an investor would buy it, I got my notice to vacate around the start of April.  I spent a couple weeks looking at properties, including one Saturday where I went to five different inspections.  There were a lot of people at many of the inspections, but thankfully I have found a decent place to live that is very close to my current apartment.

I spent the Easter holiday packing and picked up my keys today.  I've already made a few walking trips to the new place bringing stuff over I don't really want to pack such as picture frames and food.  Tomorrow is the big moving day and I have been finishing my packing tonight while watching a little thing called the royal wedding.  I'm sad to be leaving my current place.  I think it would be different if I had actually chose to move.  This is the downside to renting- sometimes you don't have control over things.

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