Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yves Klein Blue Album Tour

Last night I met up with Tash and Daniel at the Northcote Social Club for the sold out album launch for Yves Klein Blue. We got there for the last few songs of opening band Hoshi In The Clouds and got to hear their single "Panda Express." Next up was an entertaining set by Sydney's Philadelphia Grand Jury. They have an indie rock sound and a dedicated person was doing commentary and intros in between songs. "Going to the Casino" got a good crowd response and they finished their last song by handing their instruments to people in the crowd to play- guitar, bass, cymbal and keyboard! It was a unique ending.

It was great to see Yves Klein Blue again and I think they were really excited and touched to be playing to a sold out venue. They played songs from their debut album "Ragged & Ecstatic" including new single "Make Up Your Mind," "Getting Wise," "Summer Sheets," "Dinosaur," and "Queeny." We even got to hear "Blasphemy" from their first EP. The encore began with lead singer Michael Tomlinson solo on acoustic guitar for "About the Future" and then the rest of the band came back on and played a fantastic cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run." The last song of the night was "Polka" which had the crowd singing and clapping along.

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