Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Good China Residency

Last night Tash and I met up at The Evelyn for the first week of The Good China's July residency. It was an evening of multi-instrumental bands with a large number of members. Starting off the evening was Icicle Melts in their first ever live show. Unfortunately, it showed. The band was just trying too hard to be avant-garde and none of the three vocalists could actually sing- let alone harmonize together. It was all a bit painful. Thankfully next on the stage was Plastic Palace Alice, who were fantastic. They are such good musicians and may have the best rhythm section in Melbourne. They played a few new songs as well as their classic "Empire Falls." Their guitarist also had on an 80s inspired outfit and was quite entertaining.

The Good China started off their set with "A Million Little Pieces." They have been busy in the studio recording their debut EP and each week at the residency they are playing a new song. This week we got "No More Maps, No More Roads" which was a great song. I really liked the way they have changed up the rhythm on the chorus of "Perversion For Profit" and "All Nothing" was a highlight of the night (Tash and I did the hand claps). It was good to see the Chinas live again and hopefully I'll make it to another show of the residency this month.

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