Thursday, November 11, 2010

Double the Passports, Double the Fun

I am now officially a dual citizen since I received my Australian passport yesterday.  Did you know that you are not allowed to smile in Aussie passport photos?  No one can really explain to me why this is the case.  Having my new passport means that I can finally leave the country again.  I won't be needing it tomorrow though because I am only traveling up to Sydney.  It should be nice to have a weekend excursion and visit my friend Mel.  I will also escape another weekend of thunderstorms in Melbourne and the inevitable flooding of my street that will follow.

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Bella Carrara said...

Hooray! congrats on the dualie! You know, we're not supposed to smile for our US Passports either. I think it's supposed to be the rule across the board. Why? Because if you're "caught", you're not likely to look like yourself smiling. "The law" wants you to look as "normal" as possible. Apparently many people look extremely different smiling vs. drab. Whatevs.

Now you can come HOME! :):)

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