Sunday, November 28, 2010

Washing Machines and Apartments Don't Mix

Once again I have had an incident with a neighbor and their washing machine causing chaos.  The previous times have unfortunately been with the people who live above me, which meant I had water coming through my ceiling along the beam when their machine has overflowed.  Last night however it was the people across the hall from me.  While they were out (it always happens when they go out) their washing machine broke mid-cycle, with the door opening and water coming out for a couple hours.

I first noticed a bit of a wet spot on the carpet by my door, and when I opened it the entire hallway was soaked.  Other neighboring units also had water seeping in.  We ended up shutting off their water, but I had a very soggy portion of carpet.  When they did finally get home they were horrified, especially since they were leaving for India in the morning for two months!  Thankfully they organized to have someone come today to remove all the water from the carpets and dry them.  I now get the great pleasure of having an industrial strength fan blowing in my unit 24/7 for the next two days.  It's so loud I can't really watch tv.  So the lesson here to any renter is never leave your apartment while you are doing laundry, because it will be the one time when things go horribly wrong.

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