Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The New Premier

Yesterday afternoon John Brumby conceded the election to the Coalition, which means Ted Baillieu is now the 46th Premier of Victoria.  It will be interesting to see how much things change in government, especially since Labor has been in power for the past 11 years.  We are still awaiting confirmation on who the Ministers will be, as well as the appointment of a new Secretary for our Department.  I do hope though that we don't have to endure daily photos of Baillieu out for his morning swim.


Deidre said...

I'm an American in Australia too!

I am not at all pleased about the Liberals being back in office. le sigh.

Say no to budgie smugglers is all I can say, Ted.

Nicole said...

Always nice to see that there are other Americans lurking around in Melbourne.

It is a worry that the Coalition are now in power, but not a complete surprise considering Labor had been in office for 11 years. We'll have to wait and see what kind of job they end up doing- maybe it will be a one term government.

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