Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gotye- Eyes Wide Open

Today I bought tickets for Gotye's first live show in three years.  Thankfully Wally is doing some theatre dates in January before the Laneway Festival.  He has recently released the single "Eyes Wide Open" off of his upcoming album.  It's a song with a strong message about the destruction of the environment, and has an amazing video to go along with it.  I really like the main refrain of the song "We walk the plank with our eyes wide open," which you can interpret in a couple ways.  One being the obvious that we are willingly ruining our planet and doing nothing about it.  But taking that line outside the meaning of the song, I see it as being brave and defiant- walking the plank with eyes wide open, and not being scared about what will happen to you.

Gotye- Eyes Wide Open from Gotye on Vimeo.


Ami O said...

I think that the meaning is like what you said. 'WE WALK THE PLANK WITH OUR EYES WIDE OPEN', could also be saying what we have to do. For example we might have to do something that seems so hard and painful, but that we must be brave and do it 'with our eyes wide open' (the hard thing being like taking action to stop global warming).
I hope that makes sense to you.
I often don't make any sense when I try to put into words what I am thinking. :P

Nicole said...

No, what you said makes perfect sense. The chorus can be interpreted in any number of ways- the sign of a great lyric.

Anonymous said...

This was on my retail shops CD in the USA. and i looked it up and saw the video and i agree. Cause when walking the plank to your death our are blind and can not do anything. Having them open means you can alter your future no matter how hard it is. I think it really captures the current ethos as to how everyone feels with the current global situation.

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