Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Morning Tea In The Gardens

I work in a division of people who love to bake, which means we will find any legitimate excuse to hold a morning tea.  Over the past year this has included many staff goodbyes and welcomes as our tiny division of 12 people has had 5 pregnancies (and six babies in total as one was pregnant with twins).  This morning we had a bit of a mother's group going on as four of our five new mothers came in to have morning tea with us along with their babies.  As the weather was nice we also decided to have it outside in Treasury Gardens.  There was our usual assortment of delicious food: pumpkin tarts, mushroom tarts, seven layer dip and tortilla chips, assorted pastries and caramel slice.  It was great to meet the babies and catch up with everyone as they will all gradually start to return to work next year.  This of course means we will have another series of welcome and goodbye morning teas!

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