Sunday, November 09, 2014

The Stiffys- Kick Another Flip Tour

Melbourne's most positive and fashionable groovy boys, The Stiffys, played at The Workers Club last night to launch their new single "Kick Another Flip" off their upcoming EP Art Rock.  Belinda and I arrived after opening band Darts had started playing.  The five piece punk/grunge band included a cover of R.E.M.'s "Orange Crush" in their set.  Next up was four piece surf/rockabilly band La Bastard.  They sounded great and played a very entertaining set as the guitar and bass players kept coming onto the floor during songs throughout their set.

The Stiffys have moved on from their sailor suits and came out dressed in space suits with helmets.  They started their set with "Call and Response Song" and played the majority of songs off their two EPs The Stiffys and We Are Groovy Boys.  Highlights included "Champagne," "Gimme All Your Cocoa Pops," "Erection! Everybody!" and "I'm Really Good At Sex Because I'm Always Doing It."  A few songs in some punk guy climbed up the side of the wall to the ceiling and swung across the floor using the support beam as if it was monkey bars.  We got a bit of a preview of Art Rock with a snippet of the song "Space Blog" and the new single "Kick Another Flip."  Of course the climatic moment of the night was when they played "Boogie Boarding" and got an audience member to surf the crowd on a boogie board.  It was another fun show and all I can really say to sum it up is GREAT JOB STIFFYS!

Here's the video for "Boogie Boarding" (and a chance to see the old sailor suits):

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