Saturday, November 29, 2014

Night Noodle Markets 2014

The Night Noodle Markets are in its second year in Melbourne, running in the evening from 14-30 November.  After it became a bit of a victim of its own success last year, the site was changed to the much more spacious Birrarung Marr, with a doubling of food vendors and food trucks as well.  Things are spread across three terraces, with plenty of tables and chairs and space to sit down if you wish.  Also, with the doubling of vendors it means you don't have to wait for an hour to get food.

Justin joined me last night after work to hit up a couple booths before he headed off to the soccer.  We started off at Roti Road, where I had the vegetarian curry puff, which was a Malaysian style home-made curry puff stuffed with potato, carrot and onion.  It tasted delicious and was a great starter to the evening.  Next we stopped at Thy Thy for our main meal.  I had the lemongrass chicken with Vietnamese vermicelli noodles, which tasted really good.  Charlie Dumpling was offering milk chocolate dumplings with raspberry and chili sauce, which I just had to try out.  They were more of a drop dumpling versus being in a wonton wrapper, so they weren't quite what I had envisioned in my mind.  My last stop was Gelato Messina, which was doing four unique 'pot luck pies' for the markets.  I chose to have the Phuc Khing Tasty, which contained a cinnamon scroll, coffee gelato, condensed milk pannacotta, walnut crunch and an Asian spiced cookie.  It was absolutely delicious with a lot of different textures to keep things interesting.

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