Monday, November 16, 2009

Farewell ROVE

Last night Rove McManus announced that he was ending his talk show after 10 years on the air:

As you can see from the gasp in the audience, the announcement was a complete shock. This episode was supposed to be the final one for the year, not the last show ever. ROVE was the only equivalent to a late night talk show on tv here in Australia, and even then it only aired once a week. It launched many comedians' careers and was one of the few vehicles for bands to play live on network television. I really hope that someone comes up with another evening talk show because I have always found it to be a shame that there are no late night talk shows on here (especially when you consider how many are on the air in the States). I wish Rove all the best and look forward to seeing what his next project may be.

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