Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Job Interview

This morning I had a job interview for an ongoing position in my current Branch. The process consisted of a twenty minute reading and writing exercise around a research proposal, and then a thirty minute interview. I thought things went well, but I also know they were interviewing people for most of the day. Who knows how I will measure up against the other candidates.

The interview panel consisted of people I know and/or work with (3 of whom are management in my Branch), which I always find to be a challenge because a)it's hard to talk yourself up to people you work with and b) you have to face them after the interview is over. I have interviewed so many times for jobs in this Department that I should be used to it by now. My current role is a fixed-term position until September 2010, so it's not like I am in trouble if I don't get this. However, policy and research is what I am interested in and there aren't that many ongoing positions in my Division unless people leave. We'll see what happens.

Unfortunately I didn't get the job as my Group Manager wanted someone with lots of research experience and a Ph.D. That is not me.

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