Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Four Years

Last month was the four year anniversary of my arrival in Australia. The time has gone by quickly and I definitely feel at home in Melbourne. There are so many things I love here, including the footy and of course the music scene. Rick Slovett wrote an opinion piece published in The Age earlier this year about being an American in Australia. I would have to agree with a lot of what he said, including gaining a love of beetroot (although not yet on hamburgers), which is something I never ate in the US. The anti-American sentiment is always around just below the surface and tends to boil up occasionally, although things have gotten much better since Obama was elected president. At least I am no longer fearful of people hearing my accent on public transportation. America is such an easy target for some, but thankfully I have met people who are genuinely interested in the intricacies and peculiarities of my homeland.

There are times I miss California, but when I read about the current state of the economy I feel lucky to be in one of the few countries that really didn't go through the recession. I have a good job, work with a great group of people, and have made some wonderful friends. I really can't complain. In 2010 I will finally get my act together and apply for Australian citizenship (it's either that or renew my permanent resident visa). I'll still be a dual citizen though because I am not willing to give up my US passport. I guess the only question will be what to call myself: American-Australian or Australian-American?

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Danny said...

Congrats on 4 yrs - I will reach 12 yrs in Australia this month.

Both Americans and Aussies make generalisations about the other, just like the Age article. Aussies are more exposed to more US culture than the other way around. Aussies are happy to point out flaws in Americal culture, but also happy to enjoy good things about US culture too. But it will always be a talking point one way or another.

I'm happy being both. And Vietnamese as well. Call yourself whatever you feel comfortable with. The good news you can take the best of both worlds and claim them as yours.

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