Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oh Mercy Privileged Woes Tour

Last night Belinda came and picked me up and we headed out for dinner at Mexicali Rose. I had a burrito again (this time with chicken) and we also shared some dessert- a chocolate taco with chocolate mousse, bits of brownie, fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream. It was delicious. After finishing we headed down to The Corner Hotel for the last night of Oh Mercy's Privileged Woes tour. We caught the second act, Washington, which consists of Megan Washington and her band. Her music was good, and I enjoyed her countryish cover of Sublime's "Santeria."

Oh Mercy came out to the sound of birds and Alex handed out fruit to the front row. The band played songs from the In The Nude For Love EP and a majority of the Privileged Woes album. The biggest response from the sold out crowd was for the singles which have been played on Triple J: "Seemed Like A Good Idea," "Lay Everything On Me," and "Get You Back." My favorites for the evening were "Salvation Jane," "In My Stride," "In Good Time," and "Broken Ears." We were also lucky enough to get two brand new songs, including one with Thomas on lead vocals. They finished their hour long set with a song from The Triffids. The band have been on the road for so long I am sure they are excited to finally be home.

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