Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fave Albums: Ben Folds Five - Whatever And Ever Amen

The newly reunited Ben Folds Five released their second album Whatever And Ever Amen in 1997.  The band members are all exceptional musicians and combined with Ben Folds' lyrics this album covers a gamut of emotions.  On one hand there is the humor of "One Angry Dwarf And Two Hundred Solemn Faces," "Song For The Dumped" (whose chorus I can definitely relate to due to an incident with my ex-best friend), "Battle Of Who Could Care Less" and "Steven's Last Night In Town." Then you have the emotion of songs such as "Selfless, Cold And Composed," "Smoke" and the hit single "Brick."  It's a wonderful album that shows the breadth of songs Ben Folds Five can create.

Favorite Lyric: See I've got your old I.D. and you're all dressed up like The Cure ("Battle Of Who Could Care Less")

Favorite Song: "One Angry Dwarf And Two Hundred Solemn Faces"

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