Friday, November 16, 2012

Naked Bodies- Single Launch

Photo by Greta Parry
Last night I headed off to The Workers Club for the debut single launch by Quang Dinh's band Naked Bodies.  The first act for the evening was Melbourne singer-songwriter Grizzly Jim Lawrie.  He played a beautiful set of his folk songs on acoustic guitar, including "Take Things Fast" and "Over The River."  He's been a part of the local music scene for years and his debut album is out this week.  Next up was Melbourne four piece Quince.  They played an energetic set of psychobilly and punk music.

The room was much more full by the time Naked Bodies took the stage.  The band were launching their double A side single Fiction Tree/Monkey Blues, both songs which they played on the night.  The other songs in the set were good as well with a couple standouts.  Having a band member on violin for some tracks added a unique dimension to their sound.  It was good to see Quang back in the swing of things and I look forward to future releases from them.

Here's the video for "Fiction Tree"

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