Monday, November 05, 2012

Fave Albums: The Trash Can Sinatras - Cake

Scottish band The Trash Can Sinatras released their debut album Cake in 1990 to much acclaim and success.  The album features a mix of heartfelt songs such as "Thrupenny Tears," "Funny," "The Best Man's Fall" and "You Made Me Feel" as well as uplifting numbers like "Maybe I Should Drive," "Circling The Circumference" and the radio hits "Obscurity Knocks" and "Only Tongue Can Tell."  It is an album full of well written lyrics and music, and twenty-plus years later Cake still holds up and sounds as fresh as the day it came out.

Favorite Lyric: So typical, a battle of wits, and I've come half prepared ("You Made Me Feel")

Favorite Song: "Circling The Circumference"

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