Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fave Albums: The Living End - Roll On

Melbourne's very own The Living End released their second album Roll On in 2000.  Not only does it have their trademark rockabilly/punk sound, but I think it's one of Chris Cheney's strongest albums lyrically as he tackled political issues such as the 1998 Melbourne waterfront dispute on "Roll On" and the stolen generation on "Killing The Right."  There are some absolute rockers on here such as "Pictures In The Mirror," "Carry Me Home," "Don't Shut The Gate" and "Uncle Harry" along side the more melodic tracks "Staring At The Light," "Dirty Man" and "Blood On Your Hands."  It's a very cohesive album that also showcases what an amazing guitar player Chris was even in the early years of the band.

Favorite Lyric: There's too much work and not enough pay ("Roll On")

Favorite Song: "Carry Me Home"

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