Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fave Albums: Little Red - Listen To Little Red

The first time I saw Little Red live in 2007 I knew they were something special.  After winning the hearts of Melbourne with their entertaining live shows and a couple EPs, they finally released their debut album Listen To Little Red in 2008.  It is full of their self proclaimed "doo-wop punk" style and some of the sweetest vocal harmonies you may ever hear.  The three main songwriters take turns singing lead throughout the album, with highlights including Tom Hartney on "Coca Cola," "Little Annie" and "Jackie Cooper," Quang Dinh on "Witchdoctor," "Fool" and "If You're Lonely," and Dominic Byrne on "It's Alright," "Stare In Love," "Misty, I" and "Fight Song."  This album is how I will always remember Little Red, with all those fun gigs around town and watching them become more and more popular.

Favorite Lyric: If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, well honey I got two shoulders and they're strong ("If You're Lonely")

Favorite Song: "Misty, I"

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