Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fave Albums: Inspiral Carpets - The Beast Inside

My final "Madchester" selection is Inspiral Carpets and their wonderful second album The Beast Inside, which was released in 1991.  Inspiral Carpets were another band whose sound could be defined by the swirling organs courtesy of Clint Boon.  There are a lot of atmospheric tracks on this album such as "Born Yesterday," "Sleep Well Tonight," "Beast Inside" and "Niagara."  In addition, there is also the uplifting songs that make you want to dance around like "Caravan" and "Mermaid."  I do love this album and never get tired of listening to it.

Favorite Lyric: Open your eyes to a brand new world, dreams are all we have ("Dreams Are All We Have")

Favorite Song: "Caravan"

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