Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fave Albums: Blur - The Great Escape

In the battle of Britpop I am firmly in the Blur camp.  The Great Escape, Blur's fourth album, was released in 1995 and contains the hit singles "Stereotypes," "Country House," "Charmless Man" and the sweeping orchestration of "The Universal."  There seems to be an overall theme running through Damon Albarn's lyrics of people unhappy with their lives and searching for adventure or something better.  There is also a cheeky lyrical humor throughout the album, especially on the songs "Mr. Robinson's Quango" and "Ernold Same."  This is probably the most Britpop sounding album that Blur produced before turning to a more lo-fi indie guitar sound on their future recordings.

Favorite Lyric: He's never cheap or cheerful, he's Hugo and he's boss ("Top Man")

Favorite Song: "Country House"

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