Friday, November 09, 2012

Rock For Recognition

Did you know that Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples are not recognized in the Australian Constitution?  The Rock For Recognition concerts are hoping to change that by raising awareness and informing people of the issues ahead of any vote on a constitutional referendum to recognize the unique cultures of Australia's First Peoples.

As Tash, Michelle and I entered the Corner Hotel last night we were treated to DJ Ken Eavel from PBS who was spinning tunes before and after each act.  The first artist to grace the main stage was Leah Flanagan, who played a bluesy and soulful set with her band.  She has a great voice and talked about the importance of this event, which was illustrated by the song "Alywarre Girl" about her grandmother who was part of the stolen generation.

The main floor filled quickly as people crammed in to get a spot for Dan Sultan's set.  He started off solo on mandolin and electric guitar for a few songs before being joined by his band on stage.  They played a rocking set of music that had the sold out crowd dancing throughout.  Dan sounded great and his trumpet player really added a lot to the songs in the set, which included "The Door Is Still Open (To My Heart)," "Lonesome Tears," "Nyul Nyul Girl," "Walk Through My Dream," "Fear Of Flying" and "Letter."  We were also treated to the new song "Kimberley Calling," which was about Dan's visit to the burial place of his grandmother in The Kimberley.  In the encore "Old Fitzroy" got a huge reaction from the crowd and had everyone singing along.  Dan is such a charismatic singer and performer and seemed really on tonight, especially with his wonderful band.

Here's the video for "Old Fitzroy"

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