Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fave Albums: The Ocean Party - The Sun Rolled Off The Hills

Melbourne (via Wagga Wagga) band The Ocean Party released their debut album The Sun Rolled Off The Hills early in 2012.  In the great tradition of the Australian singer-songwriter the album features quite honest lyrics that tell a story about everyday life with references to the Australian landscape.  It is a subtle album that features jangly guitars, piano, and Lachlan Denton's laid back vocals on songs such as "The Farm," "Shakin' Like A Leaf," "Still Raining," "Shepparton" and "Every House."  For a relatively young band it is a solid debut, and they are also prolific as they have recently released their second album Social Clubs.

Favorite Lyric: Shakin' like a leaf when I said it was my first time ("Shakin' Like A Leaf")

Favorite Song: "Still Raining"

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Lara Happy said...

Diggin' the vibe of The Ocean Party!

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