Friday, November 30, 2012

Fave Albums: Oh Mercy - Deep Heat

My final fave album is actually my favorite release of 2012: Oh Mercy's Deep Heat. This is their third album and lead singer Alexander Gow took a different tack this time and wrote lyrics in the third person, which resulted in each song taking on the perspective of a different character.  Steve Berlin does some amazing saxophone work throughout, particularly on "Fever" and the Roxy Music inspired "My Man."  While the album is very different sonically to previous Oh Mercy releases, at the end of the day it's all about the songs, and they stand up whether played by the full band or solo on acoustic guitar.  From the driving beat of "Europa" and "Deep Heat," the urgency of "Pilgrim's Blues," to the reggae sounds of "Still Making Me Pay" and the groove of "Drums" it is a great leap forward for Oh Mercy and foreshadows an exciting musical future.

Favorite Lyric: I met the Governor of California, I called him mate ("Fever")

Favorite Song: "Pilgrim's Blues"

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